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Everton Is Keyed-up about his love story - Interaction Of The Sexes!

Interaction Of The Sexes is a book penned by Author Everton Elliott, who aims to help people understand the underlying forces that govern friendship and security in their relationship. If there’s one important area that many struggle with, along with good help is quite hard to find, it’s probably keeping an intimate relationship from dating all the way throughout one’s lifetime partnership. The good news is author Everton Elliott is here to help reveal the breakthrough ideas related to strategic mating, dating, and lovemaking scenarios. 


Interaction of the Sexes does it in a quite unique way of expressing in the dating and relationship series, has met it’s clarity with enthusiasm and vigorous discussions.


Inspirationally, here is a (5) five books series where "Interaction of The Sexes" is the first in Everton’s series "Codes of The Sexes". The book is created by the author especially to work as a tool, intended to transforming intimate personal relationships into good quality conduct of a monogamous relationship. As the author who is clearly passionate about the subject commented; he’s hoping readers will “take a look at the concepts he’s presenting and get value out of them to have and keep stronger more rewarding relationships”.


While this book explores all the dynamics of controlling interpersonal relationships and the conflicts people experience within their Intimate relationship. It also delivers a powerful message, revealing to each and every reader the requirements it takes to apply its principles to life’s stages of intimacy. This is a mission we all must take extremely sincere and is intended to be used as a lifelong directory for keeping a healthy long-term intimate relationship.


In his book "Interaction Of The Sexes", the author further discussed the ways people evolve when they develop an intimate relationship with a single sexually intimate partner. The book also explores the tendency of certain people to have multiple sexual partners at the same time. The author also discusses the adaptations people have whether they go for short term or long term sexual partnerships along their mating strategies. The author states that studies conducted on other polygamous primates suggest that human beings show the same adaptive behavioral traits when it comes to short term mating tendencies. Human beings have also shown a considerable inclination towards developing an extramarital intimate relationships as well as a behavior of jealousy across time and cultural backgrounds.


The book suggests that over hundreds and thousands of years, humans have developed psychologically, anthropologically, and neurologically into looking for and develop long term monogamous partnerships. There is also an incentive within the human society for people to be responsible in relationships and develop a better mating strategy so that superior quality of sexual relationships can be created. This is important as most people are trying to find a balance in their relationship between what they can give and what they can receive. Through such an in-depth analysis, the author aims to help people see that there is a way to make the change towards the quality of their relationship so that they can come out of a situation where they consider their partnership to be sluggish and/or unsatisfactory. In this way, people who are having major problems in their relationships or are on the verge of a divorce can change things around for the betterment of enjoying a long term relationship. The language of the book is simple and is meant to help everyone improve the quality of their relationship.


His Personality

He is an Author, Entrepreneur and a leader, one who likes all the skills he perform, extremely smart, self-motivated, creative, and a personality full with lots of golds, dreams, and aspirations.


Although the story of this book has been presented as a plotline wherein two young people get together for mating, dating and the like, the story is in fact based on for the most part influenced by the personal experiences of the author himself.


Key Words

Adaptation, Adjustment, Alpha-Male, Aspiration, Attraction, Beautification, Biography, Bitterness, Caring, Change, Codes, Communication, Consistency, Confrontation, Continuation, Conversion, Correction, Dating, Dread, Dreams, Enhancement, Fantasizing, Flourish, Flirting, Foreplay, Friends, Friendship, God's Glory, Golds, Growth, Image, Imagination, Immature, Intimacy, Inspiration, Jealousy, Joy, Kindness, Love, Lovemaking, Makeover, Marriage, Mating, Media, Names, Orgasm, Partnership, People, Personality, Philosophy, Psychology, Relationship, Respect, Romance, Scenarios, Security, Seduction, Self-motivation, Sexiness, Sexuality, Skillfulness, Smartness, Socializing, Sourness, Strategy, Sweetness, Techniques, Technology, Transformation, Yearning, Wellbeing, Wellness, Willingness, Zeal.

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