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After a marriage that went through rigorous years of struggles, he has been divorced for over the past sixteen years and has been living alone since then. However, he is a two times father of three sons and one daughter from two different mothers. From his three sons, he is now a surviving grandfather of ten grandchildren, three boys and seven girls.

Everton has also operated in the “transportation industry” for over 18 years, as an experienced class “A” Chauffeur around the Tri-state area, until the year 2017 he gave up his Chauffeuring operating permit. He was one who had a strong ability to perform his duties in this area, with the experience of navigating to any uncovered location as long as it was on the ground. Meanwhile, maintaining a good relationship with the many classy patrons of Celebrities, Sports-personnel, Cooperate Business-people and the like he has driven during that time. He’s one who also had great knowledge of using the roadways anywhere around the tri-state area, as well as many expressways and roadways regionally.

Over the years, Everton has developed the skill of becoming an author, with his first series now in the marketplace. This is based on the subject; "Interaction Of The Sexes" which should be working out to be a four-book series plan, and so he is now overly excited about that! Although the story was developed based on two young people mating and dating and the like, this story is in fact based partially on some of his own life experiences. He is now anticipating all his friends and family to want to hear more about this in the near future.

Everton is also an inventor, with the expectation of seeing his first product rolling out to hit the marketplace any time soon.

So, with that said and done. Everton is one of those who with no doubt work extremely hard, day and night and do have a lot to thank God for.

Primary Ph : 914-354-9918
Secondary Ph : 860-997-3138

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